Picture this: Pineapples.

Big ones. Small ones. Maybe even misshapen ones. Back in the day, pineapples were stuck on poles outside of houses, as a symbol of hospitality, friendship and welcome. Though these times have long passed, the concepts represented by the humble pineapple are those many businesses wish to engender and perpetuate in their business environment.

Although team building days and exercises can feel like a chore, they can forge strong bonds between co-workers and emphasise the importance of collaboration. Common experiences, whether in new or old teams, can have long term benefits and reinforce the team ethic.  The wide range of activities available means that accommodation can be found for employees with differing hobbies and interests. 

An unapologetic couch potato, I found myself surfing last week (I say surfing, more like madly flailing while large waves rushed towards me). Whilst not something I would have done on my own initiative, it was a fun weekend and enjoyed the time spent with my colleagues outside of the working environment. It convinced me of the importance of team building, so definitely a fruitful endeavour!