After 12 years in Castlefield, my firm moved offices into central Manchester last week. As to be expected with any move, there were a number of delays, issues and hiccups (still looking forward to having toilets on our floor!). During the move, I wondered what kind of effect space and location have upon your work.

I confess that I had become quite settled in Castlefield, I knew the prices of all the microwave meals at the corner shop and exactly how long it took to walk from the tram to the office. I enjoyed the convenience of the short walk between the coffee machine and my desk.

The psychology of space has a strong relevance in the business world, where employers strive to create the type of environment which is both efficient and pleasant. Undoubtedly, concepts of spatial awareness and anchoring shall become more widely known and considered as firms reevaluate their approaches to their working space.