With research showing that in 2016, 71% of adults in the UK possessed a smart phone, it is unsurprising that future oriented law firms are expanding the range and quality of their apps. 

Client care is a core part of the legal ethos, and the ability to reach out and connect with clients via a mobile app is a strong advantage given the ubiquity of smartphones in society. Case progression and updates can be conveyed seamlessly, giving clients peace of mind with clear and concise overviews.

There is the potential to change not just the nature of interactions between law firms and their clients, but also with employees. In an ever more connected world, where the boundaries between computers and phones are assuredly blurred, the tasks previously tethered to the desktop are becoming mobile. Perhaps the most obvious application is that of time-recording, though the potential is so much greater.

With the developments in technology (especially AI) causing change and disruption in the legal sector as a whole, the future belongs to firms that can adapt and respond to the modern business climates. The UK law firms still lag behind the US in terms of developing and utilising apps, so maybe now the time to step up and get on the bandwagon? 

Just don't forget your charger.