Those who aren't familiar with Tyra Banks will know her as 'that super model from a few years ago', however, in reality she is definitely not just a pretty face.

She is a business woman to the core, sitting alongside Richard Branson at the Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 grand finale. 

She knew exactly what she was doing to become the most well known super model of her time, and now, a highly successful entrepreneur. 

Her reality TV series, American's Next Top Model airs in 186 countries and is produced by her own production company, which also hosted her Emmy award winning talk show. 

She also dabbles in TV, music, writing and started a cosmetics company; Tyra Beauty, which she completed a non-degree certificate program at Harvard Business School specifically for.

She is a great role model for young girls, young entrepreneurs and should be recognised for her intelligence, creativity and acute business sense.