An interesting infographic of how '' is being used to motivate employees. By making mundane tasks a game, companies have found that it increases engagement and productivity in the workplace.

A study has suggested that which use a system have increased employee engagement by 48%. As a have found that they have a higher level of employee productivity.

Similar to what is already found in the gaming industry, with Xbox's achievement and Playstation's trophies, arbitrary rewards are given for completing a task. It's something for the employee to work towards and can be fun to earn, as well as encouraging employees to try new things.

A game at its root is a structured experience with defined goals and rules that force a 'player' to overcome challenges - Just like work.

However, unlike games where players instant feedback for their actions. Employees often have to wait annually or bi-annually to get feedback on how well they're doing. 

systems can be tricky to set up, but if done correctly, they offer big benefits.