HISTORY Research has been a key part of Jepson Holt and its business since 2005. Using the information we held to create competitive advantage was a key pert of our early strategy. THE PLAN It has always been part of the plan to use the ability to research and then collate and present information to create products to sell to the professional services market and now we are bringing that plan to fruition.



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8 Tips for Networking

The 'Networking' skill is more broad and more applicable to other areas than people realise. To be a good networker is to be confident in...

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Giving People Control Over their Working Space can Improve Productivity by 30%

Clear desks and a clean environment don't bring the best out of people.

It turns out that people are a lot more productive (up to 30%) if...

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"Snoopers' Charter" is set to become law by the end of the year.

So why should people care about surveillance? 

"Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And...

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The Science behind a Happier Commute

Some tips to start off your day in the best way. We all hate the commute, but it's important we don't let it ruin the rest of our day.

Here’s what you definitely shouldn’t do the next time you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work: calculate just how much time you spend...…

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Russia set to ban LinkedIn

I like that a country stands up for its people. It is not exactly North Korea or China this is more about the security of the countries...

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What can be discovered about the presidential election from analysing 4 million Facebook posts

I love a good data-based study! This one is very interesting in particular as social media is such a powerful influencer in todays...

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Treat Your Potential Employees Like Customers

The best way to improve your hiring is to treat your potential hires with the same respect that you show your customers.

Brands that apply the principles of digital marketing to their recruitment strategies can see considerable uplift in number and quality...…

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The man that said "you can't fight lunacy with logic" was right! Now we are left with Donald Trump..

In the words of my colleague: "At least he doesn't get the nuclear codes until January..."

These words do not comfort me. 

2016 has been a...

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Dont Blame Brexit

NatWest's latest report on the legal sector suggests the market in London will shrink 5% because of Brexit and the greater competition...

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Two ideas to reduce stress

You don't have to work less hard, just give yourself room to transition out of work at the end of the day.

Have an end-of-work habit. Sometimes your brain needs a signal to prepare you for time at home. It’s even better if this signal can help...…

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Time to think...

A thought to start your week. 

Monday mornings can sometimes be an anxious experience for leaders. Even those with a focused mind can find...

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Insurer blocked from profiling users for discounts

A tool aimed at newly qualified drivers has been blocked by Facebook.

The insurer Admiral intended to use Facebook to detect people who...

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Are you suffering from Analysis Paralysis?

Interesting introductory article that seeks to show what the rest of the business world can learn from agile software development. How...

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unknownx500 Nick J Webb

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Iceland shows us that Gender Equality is achievable now!

If Iceland can do it, then surely the rest of the world can as well.

Female candidates won a record 30 of parliament’s 63 seats. That puts female representation in Iceland’s parliament at 48%, making it...…

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The impact of AI

Here is a great example of what artificial intelligence can do for lawyers or to lawyers in the near future.

It does the boring drudgery a...

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10 Ways to Make a Good Impression

It is important to make a good impression when you meet someone for the first time. Here is how to do it.

Do you want people to like you? Then make sure you do these things when you’re with them.


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